Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zakka Bread Basket - #18

This week's Zakka project is a bread basket.  I loved the designer fabric choices in the Zakka Style Sewing book, and even had very similar fabrics on hand.  An unusual vintage fabric I had found some time ago, though, kept coming to mind.  It didn't really "call out" to me as bread basket fabric, but I decided to go with it.  Here it is...  with several other than bread options!
The front and back are Essex white linen.  I fussy cut the mailbox motif from the vintage fabric, placed it on top of a mustard linen piece, and sewed them both onto the front.  

The sides/handles are cut from the vintage fabric.

Use #1 -- Breadstick Basket!  Yummmm...

Use #2 -- Flower vase holder! -- Why not?

Use #3 -- Specialty Tea bag.

And, Em, this is for you --  A Windshield Wiper holder!! :)  I couldn't resist!

I'm linking at LRStitched today.


  1. I knew it! I knew you wanted a windshield wiper holder! LOL!

  2. haha - the cutest little windshield wiper holder I've ever seen! ;-) Love your bag!