Monday, July 21, 2014

Glass Mushrooms!

In my garden there are glass mushrooms.  If I am not careful they will be sprouting up everywhere!  The idea of reusing, remaking, recycling has always intrigued me.  While an object was made with a specific purpose in mind, I love to find new and sometimes unexpected uses for the same object.  Enter -- the glass mushrooms!

These little cuties were inspired by my sister-in-law.  She hosted a party recently and in her garden were tucked "mushrooms" similar to these.  At the base she had a "lit" battery operated votive candle. It was so pretty!  Since then I've been looking at the glassware in thrift stores in a whole different light.  And what do you know?? With a little glass adhesive and pretty glass, we have have mushrooms!  What is sprouting in your garden?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Felt Food Fun!

This week I've been "cooking" up a storm in felt!  A niece had asked me if I had any felt scraps and wondered if I could make some felt food for the anticipated arrival of her two sons.  Oh, yes, I have felt scraps, and this opportunity was exactly what I needed to use some up! I was trying to think of a cute way to "present" the assorted foods, when I came upon a great blog with quiet book ideas.  I made a few variations to the project shown on the blog, but used the pattern pieces offered for the most part.  Here is my version...
Love this range!  The knob even turns.

Mmmm... pancakes with bananas!  

Eggs and bacon coming up!

I tied a little handle on here, but it has grommets in case you want to add more pages -- held together by rings.
Disclaimer ... Adults may be tempted to play with this!  This was so much fun that I think I may need to try some of the other pages.