Sunday, August 26, 2012

Zakka Picture Frame

When I first looked through the Zakka Style Sewing book, I was not particularly drawn to this project.  I was tempted not to make it, but as I've kept up with all the others, I just couldn't let it pass without giving it a try.  And, as it turns out -- I kind of like it!
The Zakka frame uses linen on the side pieces and the backing.

The book instructions for the frame suggested piecing different fabrics to make a patchwork strip.  I preferred something a bit different this time.  This frame will hold a family picture of some kind, but for here I've put in a picture of the beautiful mountains!

No, I will not be putting a picture in the wreath on the door! :)  But I do like the way the berries frame the frame!
This was the first week with students back at school, so I'm glad the Zakka project was a quick and easy one.  For my Zakka friends -- I did put this together the "easy" way by using spray glue, rather than doing the ladder stitch on the back to secure the fabric.  I think the adhesive gave it a smoother look, which I am pleased with.  I'm posting at LRStitched and would love to be drawn for the prize this week (as I'm sure about 25 or 30 others would!)  It's a $75 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!  Sounds like a fun give-away.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little Pocket Pillowcase

Zakka project #19 is such a cute little pillowcase.  I'm sure a young child would be delighted to sleep with a fuzzy bear right by their side!  Here is my version of the project -- step by step.
No eyes on mine -- just a colorful tummy!

The most time consuming part of this project was the diamond pieced pocket.  I took the advice of another blogger/zakka participant and cut my diamonds the quick way!  I sewed 4 strips of fabric lengthwise, ...

...cut each strip on a 45 degree angle, ...

... and sewed the strips together using a 1/4 inch seam.  At this step you need to fold down the seam allowance first to make sure your points will match.  I was a bit off on some of mine. When I did not measure and match, though, I was WAY off.

The piece on the left was my first attempt at piecing this by sewing each individual diamond.  I was not liking how it was turning out.  Then I tried the strip method and was so very pleased.  It is so much quicker!

Here's my little cutie bear all tucked in his pillow!  

Rather than stuffing the ears and hands as the book suggested, I used a double layer of felt and sewed it into the bear sandwiched between the two right sides.  After turning right side out and stuffing, little bear looks quite plump. This little guy is made with some left over faux fur I had used for another project.  

As always, I am posting the Little Pocket Pillowcase at Lindsey's LRStitched.  I'm already beginning to wonder what project I'll work on when this sew-along is finished.  I may set a goal to make each of the projects I've pinned on Pinterest!  ...or maybe I'll piece a quilt to get in the frame for winter stitching ... or maybe...both!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zakka #19 -- Only 5 more projects to go!

This week's project is -- "Sweet Sugar Cookie Sack" -- and it is a cutie!
My version of the cookie sack.
This project was desinged by Amy Sinibaldi from  It included a few skills that always test my comfort level (like embroidery), beading, and the blanket stitch.  Even so, it was a fun project.  I changed things a bit from the pattern by lining the bag and did a self binding on the top with the lining fabric.  The book suggested stuffing the bag with fiberfill and tying it with a ribbon.  Because I wanted to use the bag for storage, and figured any children playing with it would putting cookies in and out, I figured the lining would give the bag durability.   I used a linen (it's a scrap piece -- may not be linen, but looks like it!) beige for the bag outside, and a fabric from Paper Dolls by CPdesigns for the lining.

Mmmm...wish they were real. I'm getting hungry for a cookie!
I am posting at LRStitched.