Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Hexagon Trivet ... The REAL project #12

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  Although we are not officially there, the unwinding of summer is already falling into the steady routine of autumn.  Ahhh....  It is the kind of order and routine I like.  The break from the ordinary pace is appreciated, and needed, but getting back into a regular schedule always feels good to me.

 This little project was a fun one to make.  There was repetition and order in the piecing of the trivet.  It was done using the paper piecing patchwork technique, which I am happy to say, is getting easier for me to do.  Some time ago I had found a printed linen fabric with great illustrations of old advertisements.  The chickens seemed perfect for this project (maybe because it was the one that fit best in this space!).  I paired it with fabrics from the Dear Stella fabric collection left over from my Sister's Ten Modern Block of the Month project.
The project is quilted with machine stitching with following the hexagon shape around each layer.  I'm posting this project here (A Quilter's Table).

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week #12...

My Zakka project for this week is MUCH smaller than the project in the book!  The envelope/pencil wall hanging caught my eye the first time I looked through the book, but I simply did not have the time or energy this week to complete it. stick with at least a little bit of the project, and to recognize the start-up of the new school year -- I settled on making a pencil mug rug using the pencil blocks from the bottom left corner of the project.
The pencil blocks were fun to make...and I feel certain I'll eventually give those envelopes a try as well.

Fun polka-dots!

Pencils are sharpened for school.  Ready, set, go!  Looking forward to the joys and challenges of teaching in the year ahead.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Patchwork, Please! Project #10 -- My Scrappy Box

Today was a "rest-up-from-vacation" day.  You know how that goes!  I had already decided I was going to skip this week's Zakka project.  Well ... around 8:00 I thought I would just LOOK at the pattern.  Two hours later my Scrappy Box if complete!  
So much for not making this week's project! :)