Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Swap Apron ... and other things...

Over the weekend I had a lovely visit with my Mom.  Among other things, we decided to visit as many "Re-use It" shops as we could.  I wish I could say I found lots of treasures, but nothing jumped out at me this time. Mom sent me home with a "treasure", though,-- a BIG box of quilting fabric scraps she was not using.  It's a fairly large box, so I'm sure the friends I was riding with are happy I did NOT find other treasures! :)  When I returned home, I found the swap package from my niece waiting for me in my mailbox.  I LOVE the apron, and will so enjoy wearing it.  I tried to take a picture of it using the timer on my camera, and this is what I came up with ... I am not the photographer she is!  Check out her page at

Before I went to see her, I made a gathered clutch for Mom, and just love the colors of this one. They get easier to make and come out better each time.  I just want to make sure I mention that I found the pattern/tutorial for this clutch on

Saturday, February 19, 2011

At it again...

I just had to post the newest clutch.  I'm really liking this one.  I have once again used an Amy Butler fabric. The bright colors are great!  On this one I added a longer strap to make it easier for "hands free" shopping.  Have a great Saturday, and do something creative!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Show & Tell

You don't have to be in an elementary school long to know that kids LOVE Show & Tell time -- whether it's a scheduled "Show & Tell" or not!  I don't think we ever completely outgrow "Show & Tell". :)  So, here's mine ...  The Gathered Clutch!  Here a clutch, there a clutch, everywhere a clutch, clutch.  Ok -- enough of that.    It's just that it came out so cute!  I'll be making more of these, I'm sure.  This one uses Amy Butler fabric, and is the one made for a swap.
This the back.

The inside has two pockets on one side for cards.

And -- the front.  
When I started this project, I decided I might as well make two right away, so... here is the one I made for myself.  It uses an additional Amy Butler fabric on the gathered front.

 I'm sure I loved show & tell as a kid -- although I can't remember what I might have taken in.  Show & Tell ... maybe this is what God does for us every day through his creation.  Genesis 1:31 ... "Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way."  Wow!  His creation is a show and tell that is new and different every day!  Something to ponder...