Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Need A Little Needle Book Swap

I joined a new swap this month -- Need A Little Needle Book Swap.  Just in case you are wondering what a needle book is, it is a "book" with fabric or felt pages in which to hold sewing/embroidery needles.  Check out this page -- -- to see some great examples of needle books!  Mine, which is called the Needlebook Butterfly is included!  The free pattern and tutorial I used is from Wild Olive.  When I saw this pattern I knew it was the one to make for my partner!  I'm on the search for some "extras" to add to my package for my swap partner, and then it will be in the mail.  The fun part about swaps, besides making some new sewing friends, is that a something special will arrive in my mail box as well! For as much as I sew, I still don't have my own needle book, so the one I received will be my first -- and very special, indeed!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Waking from my sewing "sleep"...

For weeks I have walked by my sewing machine ... looking at it ... sewing only when I absolutely felt I had to!  It was a big time sewing slump! Has anyone else ever been there??  Perhaps the beginning of summer break will help to motivate me back into the creative process.  A recent baby shower gave the push to uncover that machine once again.  The result?

Baby shoes are so fun to make!