Monday, March 5, 2012

Help! I'm stuck...

A surprise snow day has made for a delightful day -- a chance to tidy up the house, to finish reading a book, to do a bit of laundry, and try to finish a little sewing project.  The problem is that I'm stuck.  No, not stuck in snow! I saw the cutest simple, reversible, little girl dresses the other day at a fair trade store, and as I usually do, thought to myself how easy it would be to make.  I have no little girls to sew for, but if this works I'll find someone to try it out on!  I made the pattern myself, and thought I could figure out this "simple" dress, but it has gotten the best of me.  For the second time I am going to need to take the dress apart and try again!  Here it is so far.
I thought I was so smart and -- at my second attempt -- had finally figured out how to do this ....
Here's side 1.  Looks good from here.

Side 2 -- Ok, so what's the problem?

Opps!  How did this happen?  These sides were supposed to be together!  And I need to figure out how to get the shoulders together as well.  
 Now it's off to trial #3.  My seam ripper is close at hand, and I'm ready to go.  Maybe this time I'll get it! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And the Cindy Apron goes to...

The number chosen by for the Cindy Apron is ... Comment #3 ... and I couldn't be happier!  I'll explain below the comment.

Cary, you make me cry and miss her so! A happy thought... I saw that my friend in Africa was on line in FB, so I got to chat with her this morning. First time I've done that, isn't that crazy?! Can't FB Heaven, but I should invest in that simple way to stay in touch while loved ones are here on earth. Our sister was a lovely person, inside and out, as you are, my dear sister. Thank you for honoring her memory.

Making its way soon to the western USA.
If you are "Anonymous" and sent this message, please contact me.  You left a very big clue, though, so I know who you are! How appropriate this apron should go to you!   So...from one sister, to another sister, in memory of our sister ... the apron goes to you!