Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zakka #19 -- Only 5 more projects to go!

This week's project is -- "Sweet Sugar Cookie Sack" -- and it is a cutie!
My version of the cookie sack.
This project was desinged by Amy Sinibaldi from http://nanacompany.typepad.com/.  It included a few skills that always test my comfort level (like embroidery), beading, and the blanket stitch.  Even so, it was a fun project.  I changed things a bit from the pattern by lining the bag and did a self binding on the top with the lining fabric.  The book suggested stuffing the bag with fiberfill and tying it with a ribbon.  Because I wanted to use the bag for storage, and figured any children playing with it would putting cookies in and out, I figured the lining would give the bag durability.   I used a linen (it's a scrap piece -- may not be linen, but looks like it!) beige for the bag outside, and a fabric from Paper Dolls by CPdesigns for the lining.

Mmmm...wish they were real. I'm getting hungry for a cookie!
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  1. Your zakka projects all look so pretty. After today only 4 more to go. Eventually it went really fast.
    Look forward to see your last zakka crafts.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. These look delightful , lots of fun playtime possibilities. The cookie bag is the perfect storage bag too.