Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zakka #17 Delightful Linen Bag

With 16 Zakka projects "under my belt" and 7 more to go -- I'm beginning to wonder what other sew-along I may want to join!  This week's project -- Delightful Linen Bag -- was created by Mette Robl from http://mette-erleperle.blogspot.com/.
Laying out the fabric -- trying to get a feel for what to use.

On several recent projects I have enjoyed using pieces of dresser doilies as accents.
I changed my fabric choices a little as I went along.  The designer of the project sewed bits of fabric and trim to the front of her bag.  On mine, I decided to make a little pocket using a pink linen and accented with this piece of doily.

Ideas for use?  I'm thinking it would make a lovely gift bag -- with a spot for a gift card in the pocket.
I am posting my project at LRStitched.

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