Friday, July 6, 2012

Zakka Water Bottle Holder

This week's Zakka project was a water bottle holder.  I really was not sure it was something I would use, but after making it I do think it will be quite handy to throw across the shoulder when taking a walk ... must keep that water close by on these hot, hot days!  Or... perhaps it would be perfect for walking along the beach and holding all those little shells?!  I decided to use the same fabrics that I used for the Zakka tote bag -- with a beach theme.  Here is my take on it...

Lots of pinning to get that circle sewn on!

Simple running stitch at seam and top edge.

Yep!  I can see the bottom!

Interesting lighting on these next two pictures -- taken in the evening of a hot, hot day!

Shown with the short handle option.
Also... for my other project this week -- the mystery project is finished but not quite ready to reveal.  Here are the mystery pictures for today.

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  1. I love that you made a matching set! I'm just like that I've made that water bottle carrier, I'm always taking it along with me. That's one reason I love this sew-along.