Thursday, January 27, 2011

So, what are you making today?

Every good question deserves an answer!  My project for today -- on another lovely snow day -- is the zippered clutch I'm making in exchange for an apron.  I was sure after making the pink clutch this one would go together quite easily.  Wrong!  My seam ripper and I have been keeping great company today.  In fact, I'm avoiding it right now as I write!! I still have high hopes, though, for something that will look decent.  Here it is so far.  I've used leftover Amy Butler fabric from the apron I made for my mom.
It's hard to see how this will turn out at this point, but this is the front and back.

And... this is the inside lining.  The one side is divided as a card holder.  Loved using a fancy little machine stitch.

Opps...too close.  This is where the ripper comes in!

The piece you may notice in the background -- and in the next picture, is something I started years ago.  I need to quilt it, but as what I'm not sure!  Table runner?  (hmmm...the hearts are all going one direction, so that might not look right.)  Wall hanging?  Any ideas on how to finish it off or what to do with it?

Have a wonderful, "snow-filled" day!

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