Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day Project

Oh the joy of a snow day!  It's one of those days that teachers and students, in particular, get very excited about -- an unexpected day at home.  For me it has been an opportunity to get to the sewing machine again.  Over Christmas break I had intended to make some shopping tote bags to wrap gifts in, put stocking stuffer items in, or whatever.  My other projects took me up to the last minute, so I never did get those bags sewn. Today was the day for two of them.  Here they are, step by step!  I found the pattern and tutorial for the Classic Tote on the SewMamaSew blog. (http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=514)
First step -- after cutting the fabric, of course -- make the front pocket.  The red fabric was purchased at a local craft store.  The heavy-duty blue was a great find at my favorite thrift store (a yard of fabric for .75 or something like that!).  Okay.  I've barely gotten started, but chocolate sure would taste good about now.  I just know there were 2 pieces left in that candy box.  I wonder if Hubby would notice if I ate one of them? 

What!!  No chocolates left!!  Seriously, the box was empty when I opened the lid.  I wonder who....

Step 2:  Sew the pocket on the front piece of fabric.  No problem!

Step 3:  Sew WRONG sides of fabric together.  Opps!  It is even written right there in the instructions .  I am know to be a bit impulsive, and don't you ALWAYS sew right sides together??  Okay, so Step 4:  Correct mistakes.  Pick out all the stitching around both totes.  Watch TV while you are doing this to help pass the time.

Step 5:  Pin and sew WRONG sides together.  Don't forget to add a cute little label.

Step 6:  On inside, open corners and sew across.  This is what really makes a usable tote for carrying groceries!

I forgot to take pictures of the handle and top hem part :)  That would be Step 7 & 8.  

Turn them right side out, and .... OH NO!  I sewed the blue pocket piece in upside down!! :(  I haven't done it yet, but the seam ripper will have to take care of that before using.  What good would an upside down pocket be?!
All in all this was a great, fun project for a snow day!

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  1. Very nice! Of course, us loggers out west here don't allow things like that to go to the grocery store with us. When asked, we'll take paper ;-). But I'm sure there are other uses for them too!