Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zip Organizer

Ten weeks of Zakka sewing!  I'm just about half way through the Zakka Style Sew-along.  It has been great, and I'm so happy to say that last week I won the give-away from the Messenger Bag entry!  Yipee!!!  The prize is a lovely collection of fabric.  I'll post pictures when it arrives.  This project, the Zip Organizer was my most challenging yet.  The most difficult part for me was the zipper and binding.  For some reason I had to get that seam ripper out several times for the small zipper on the front.  Too much in a hurry! :)  The end product, though, turned out great.  
Cutting the pieces -- measure twice, cut once!

The green fabric is August Fields by Amy Butler. 

Folded and zipped.
And now for the inside ... drum roll, please...
Credit card sections on the left, and plenty of room for a checkbook and bills on the right.

I think this zipper on the front is one of my favorite features -- even though I did have to rip it out 3 times!

I've added my project here

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  1. Hi Cary:

    The Zip Organizer is great--it gets my vote for the best project you have made so far. Love the Amy Butler fabric.