Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zakka work in progress...

The tiny size of this week's Zakka sew-along project really did not excite me, but I finally got started on it.  Once I got going it really wasn't too bad.  Next step is to add some quilting... then a backing... and finally the magnet.  Here are the "mini-samplers" so far.

The other work in progress is my Week #1 tote bag.  From the comments I've been reading of others participating in this sew-along, the points are tricky to get right.  Mine is no exception.  The inside points are fine, but the outside ones, as you can see, have disappeared into the fabric.  The point was too close to the edge on these sides to make it work.  I think the end product will still be quite nice, though.

A stitch here, a stitch there -- hoping to finish these off this weekend.

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