Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is it beach time yet?

It's that time of year when I can just about taste the salty air of the ocean.  I don't think I'll get there until July, but my beach bag is ready!!  Hot off the sewing machine is my Zakka Week #1 project.  Yes, it is very late, but as one blog friend said, "well worth the wait!"
This took more time to make than the other Zakka projects, but I'm very pleased with it.

The shell fabric is a Japanese fabric, the red was ordered from, and the blue was found in my mom's scrap box.  

Although the picture makes the lining look pink, it is the same red as used on the outside zig-zag.

The back, quilted with a straight (somewhat diagonal) stitch.
If I listen carefully I think I hear the sound of ...  the BEACH calling my name! :)

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  1. Your zig zag bag is fab! The points are all so perfect, I really struggled with them!