Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's in the oven?

Mmmm... Wonderful smells are wafting out of the oven.  I'm trying a recipe from 
Pasta with Butternut Squash
This is just the beginning of the recipe.  After this roasts for a while longer I will pan-fry it with some pasta and cheese.  It really smells good just like this, though!

And last night -- out of the oven came...
Scone Nibbles -- They are cut small so it's okay to eat lots, right!?
...these wonderful "gems."  These mini-scones were from a recipe on Pinterest --

I've not been very motivated to cook much lately, so two new recipes in two days is pretty good! What's for supper at your house?


  1. Supper? Pizza....soft, whole wheat crust made with fresh ground flour, barbecue sauce (homemade), sliced onions, mozz. and chedd. cheese. It was fabulous. The problem? My girls spent our entire supper time talking about how wonderful Aunt Cary's pizza she knows just what they like on top, her crust is so yummy and how her pizza looks and tastes just like the "pizza man" (Dominoes) pizza. "Really Mama, Aunt Cary's pizza is so much better..." And did you know it even talks?