Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zakka and a little bit more...

I'm finishing up my Zakka project for this week just "under the wire".  Week #7 is the Rain Cloud Mug Rug, designed by Christie Fowler of  Her post features homemade pasta today, and it looks soooo good.  Makes me want to get a pasta machine and start rolling!  When I started my little mug rug I did not have a plain blue for my cloud background, so... this is what I used.
Yes, the background is floral.  Ok...if you must make a connection, clouds bring rain, and rain makes flowers grow -- OR......

...if you use your imagination these flowers look like cumulonimbus clouds!
After finishing the front of this little mug rug, I did my regular Saturday shopping and found this great plain blue fabric.  Too bad I didn't have it for the cloud side, but here it is as a backing.

I also sewed together a reusable shopping bag last evening to use as "gift wrap" for a shower gift.  I used an Amy Butler fabric, and love how bright it is.

Any guesses on what's wrapped inside?


  1. Windshield wipers would make a unique gift, but... nope. Not that. :)