Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year -- 2012

Part of the new year celebration for me always means to reflect on what has been, and to plan for what I hope to see in the year ahead.  Yes, plan.  The older I get, the more I realize that simply stating a resolution is not enough.  We have embarked on several "journeys" this year that have taken intentional planning.  Learning to play the harp was something I really didn't plan for a long time to do, but when I began lessons I soon learned that it will take a daily time of practice to accomplish what I hope will be a beautiful sound.  The practice is slow, labored at first, but I find as I practice a piece, eventually a melody begins to emerge.  The playing becomes a bit easier, a bit more automatic.  This is so true for many new ventures in life.  I find a lesson in that thought; that change, new situations, new challenges are like that.  They feel labored at first, a feeling that tries to take the path of what is comfortable.  The joy, however, is in practicing and listening for that melody to emerge. That is what I look for in the new year -- the melody that comes from new challenges and experiences.

On a "creative" note... a few pictures from some holiday sewing fun.

Two machines ready to sew...and a messy table.  Somehow when I sew there is fabric everywhere!

The finished bags

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  1. Thank you Cary. Looks like your new year has started well. Nice to have plans to to be open to what comes along unexpectedly. As you say, plans and perseverance are what usually bring lasting growth/changes and satisfaction. I like how you worded it, "the melody that comes from new challenges and experiences".