Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trying a new Blog look ... and a project.

I find it interesting that I can be quite satisfied with my room arrangements at home staying pretty much the same.  Growing up, I used to love coming home to find that Mom had switched the furniture or the rooms around.  Every time I visit her the furniture is arranged differently.  (I love it, Mom!) She is an interior decorator at heart!  I enjoy changes, but don't have quite the same motivation to try a new way.  I've been doing this Blog for over a year and up until today was still using the same header and format.  Finally, it's time for a change.  What do you think of the new look?  Any ideas from my readers of things you would like to see here?

My first project of the year was to make a hanger cozy, a design from the Joel Dewberry book I've been working through.  I used some fabrics from Mom's scrap box, and am overall pleased with the project.  I would make some changes to make it more practical for me if I do another one.  Perhaps making it longer, with deeper pockets to hold my growing collection of scarves!
This went together quite easily.

Opps -- got a bit uneven at the bottom.

The instructions did not tell how to leave an opening for the hanger, so I sewed it and then used the seam ripper to open up a spot.

I love the automatic button hole function on my sewing machine!

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  1. The fabrics work well together. An automatic buttonhole function- sounds wonderful.