Monday, January 16, 2012

China hutch door remake

Years ago one of my sister-in-laws gave me a set of old china hutch doors.  I love a good treasure!  During our two moves since then I've thrown a lot of things out, but never could get rid of those doors.  I kept thinking they would be so beautiful as SOMETHING.  It has taken 19 or so years, but yesterday I had an idea for one of them.  Here it is ... china hutch door remade into a necklace holder!  The pictures aren't the best, but here is a peek.
The old door.  I thought about painting it, but decided to clean it up and keep the natural color.

I used decorative paper for the backing behind the glass and grid work.

Add some small brass hooks and there it is -- a way to hang necklaces so they don't get all tangled up!

I'm hoping it doesn't take another 19 years to figure out what to do with the other door.


  1. Perfect! Great idea, and kudos on seeing it as having potential for 19 years!

  2. I love it! You could do earrings for the other door. Stretch some wire or string across two hooks and make a few rows of!

  3. Great job Cary, now you can enjoy it everyday, plus it's useful.