Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day AGAIN!

Christmas vacation has officially started!  Our second snow day of the school year is upon us.  I feel a little sad for the children who anticipated the fun of giving and receiving little gifts, the Christmas Sing-along, Christmas parties, and of course, a day with not quite the same academic rigor as most!  But, here we are -- another snow day, which I will accept with gladness. :)  Here's a sneak view of my project for today.  This one is a lap quilt for my mother-in-law -- who NEVER uses a computer -- so I think I'm okay to post it here.   This is the first project (other than purses) that I've done machine quilting on.  I'm not very pleased with it yet, but I'll finish it and see what I think at the end.  I'm just not liking the way the stitches are stopping and starting.  Hopefully it will all blend in when the quilting is finished.  My mother-in-law loves cardinals, so I think she will think it is just wonderful.   Note to MY mom -- if you are reading this you can keep guessing about your gift!  It is not a purse, it is not a lap quilt -- but it is made with a beautiful Amy Butler designer fabric.  Now -- that should keep you guessing! :)  Happy day!

This is the front side ... partially quilted!

This is the back.  It's the first quilt I've made inserting a strip of  coordinating fabric on the backing.

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