Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Times

Our time of having the whole family together is coming to a close much too quickly.  I'm so grateful for the fun time we could enjoy with our kids.  We've eaten a lot of good food, played many games of golf, sword fighting, bowling, rowing, etc. on WII, shopped, toured a cavern and museums, attended the Schulte family Christmas party, put a puzzle together, talked, laughed, looked for treasures in a few junk drawers, and have just had a wonderful time.  We treasure these moments together.

All of my sewing was finished before Christmas so now I've got a week home before school starts up again, to think about some new projects. I do have a few pieces of material cut out to make some reusable grocery bags.  I like to add my "green footstep" when I can!  My mom received her Christmas surprise so I can post a picture of that now.  For Mom I made an apron and hot pads out of a beautiful Amy Butler fabric.  Amy Butler is one of my favorite fabric designers -- using bright, bold colors and designs.  The last time I was at Mom's I used her apron (because I can't function in a kitchen without one), and saw that it was one I had made for her YEARS ago.  (I think I had made that one).  Anyway, I knew then what I was going to make.  I love aprons -- possibly learned to appreciate them from Mom.  I remember her wearing aprons when I was growing up.  So -- although an apron may seem like a humble item to those who never wear them, to me, they are treasures of the heart -- an instant "basket" to gather flowers in, a "towel" always handy to wipe floured hands on, a corner to wipe a tear on when the onions get to the eyes, a handy pocket for a tissue or stray penny found on the floor, and of course, a cover-up for keeping clothing clean.  So, Mom, for whatever purpose aprons have for you -- ENJOY! You are the best!!
My own Silent Night label

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  1. Ok, I am not making you one now... your talents are so far superior! Ok, fine I will just so you send me a clutch ;-).