Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tea time, anyone?

Here is Sunday night, and I'm squeaking in with an hour and a half to spare on my next Patchwork, Please! sew-along project.
 This week's project was to make a tea cozy and a tea bag holder.  Learning a new sewing technique is always a challenge, and this sew-along uses paper pieced blocks on a number of projects. This was my first time trying this method, and I must say I loved it!
 Once you know the process it's really pretty easy.  I found a video on YouTube, which showed exactly what to do.  As a visual learner, that REALLY helped to understand how to use the paper-piecing process.
 I do believe I am now set for a tea party!


  1. Wow! You did an amazing job. Especially making both items, learning paper piecing and doing it on the last day of the week. Your items are so pretty.

  2. I would love having tea with this pretty set! The Fiestaware looks like fun, too!

  3. Can I order one for my mom for Christmas?! I love these. We always had tea cozies in Pakistan and you can't find them here.