Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cafe Apron project

This has been a fun, busy, but no time for sewing week for me.  Fortunately, I had finished this week's Patchwork, Please! sew-along project several weeks ago.  You may remember it...

 The original pattern uses three pieces blocks to make up the pocket section, but when I came across this vintage tea towel, I just knew it would be perfect for this project.
 I had anticipated making another one before the due-date of this particular project (that would be TODAY), using the pieced block version of the pattern, but that did not happen, so this is the one I will be submitting to the project submission page.
 It is always fun to find unique embroidery pieces and then to work them into a new sewing project.
Next week's project will complete the "for the kitchen" section of the book with a Diamond Patchwork Placemat.  Another full week is ahead for me, so I'd best get started on that one early!


  1. oh my gosh! This is SO cute! And so clever to use the tea towel on the Patchwork, Please apron. Nice!

  2. Such beautiful embroidery - what a great find, and you have created something both useful and beautiful from it.