Monday, September 5, 2011

One, Two, Sew a Shoe...

Wait a minute!  Isn't that "one, two, buckle my shoe?"  Not today!

One, Two, Sew a Shoe...
     (I've become a pattern tester for patterns, and the first pattern they asked me to sew was a pair of shoes!)
Three, four, shut the door...
     (That's right for these women's "room shoes" you will want to shut the door.  They are for inside wear!)
Five, six, make them quick...
     (One of the steps was a bit tricky, but for the most part they went together quickly.)
Seven, eight, aren't they great!
     (There were great fun to make, and they are an interesting shoe/slipper, to be sure!)
I used a silky decorator fabric for a more elegant look.

These have a leather sole.

Ahh... now time to put my feet up!
Happy Labor Day!

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