Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break is here...

It's hard to completely get away from school ... in my mind, that is.  The long-awaited for spring break has arrived and I find myself reflecting on what I've just finished, and thinking ahead to the final nine weeks of school.  I think some crafty projects are just what I need to help turn my mind off of school for a few days. I must share a very creative idea, though, that happened in my classroom recently -- and not by my doing!  As a special education teacher, it is a true blessing to have a talented and creative teacher assistant.  I really think she is the "Queen of Crafts!"  Several of my young students recently had Z as the letter of the week in their classroom, so I handed my assistant a bag of animal foam stickers and asked her to aid them in making a Zoo to go along with the Z books and writing they were doing.  Take a look at this great zoo!

A "birds-eye" view of the inside of the zoo.   Before decorating the inside of the box, a hole is cut on one end of the box (see right end.)  Foam stickers are placed around the edge of the inside box, and placed on folded card stock to help the animals stand upright.  

What a fun zoo! 
On this picture you can see the lid.  The center of the lid is cut out, and tissue paper is glued onto the bottom of the lid covering the cut out section.  It is placed on the box.  When you look through the hole light shines through the tissue paper, giving a wonderful perspective to the scene.

This is the box from the outside.
Thanks, T, for allowing me to share this great idea!

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