Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clue Two... and assorted other things!

I STILL have red vines over my window.  I put them up before Christmas, and am thinking it's time for a change.  Maybe tomorrow!
I've been lazy; that's all there is to it!  At least, lazy once I get home from school.  I did however, finish my little mystery project about a week ago.  A few people have guessed a placemat.  Close, but that's not it.  Here is Clue Two...
Hmmm...now what could this be??  And to whose house will it go????  Someone will get a little package in the mail, and they will surely understand once they see it.  ;)

Other tidbits for the day...
My three most worn aprons!  I call the blue and white one my "Cindy apron."  I'll share more about that another day.  The middle one is my sturdy wear for anything apron, and the pretty (new) one on the left was the one made by my niece.  There is a spot for one more.  That is the one I'll tell you about later -- a new "Cindy Apron."


  1. Hmm, pot holder? Love your apron hanger!

  2. Hot pad? The latest in Mennonite head covering?

  3. Nope -- not a hot pad, or pot holder. Although it could pass as both. The latest in Mennonite head covering??? Now that's a new one! :) Sorry. Wrong on that one, too.

  4. I'm back here checking what it is and no answer!