Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Totes...

Tote bags of all kinds are so handy, from shopping, to carrying school things, to travel, and on and on. Last year I made three bags that were given as Christmas gifts.  So, without further comments, here are some "Thursday Totes."  The pattern for the leather-bottom totes was modeled after a tutorial by SeeKateSew.  It is the perfect size for books, files, clothing, whatever!

In the making... 
One tote finished!

Zebras hiding on the inside!

Second bag completed!

I love the way fabric choice completely changes the look of a bag.  Hobby Lobby has GREAT choices of fabric.  I used duck cloth, which is a light-weight type canvas fabric.

Lime green brightens up the inside on this one.
For my friends at work, I am making a tote in this style for the auction.  The feature fabric will be a duck cloth  in this color... You will have to wait and see what fabric hides inside!

The third bag I made more of a shopping tote, although it could be used for any purpose.  It does not having a lining, but very pretty, all the same.  I'm not sure where the pattern came for this one.  I follow some hand-written notes jotted on paper.

Thanks for looking, and have a terrific tote-filled Thursday!