Friday, February 5, 2016

Rotary Cutters are SHARP!

Be careful with a rotary cutter!
It finally I was zipping along trimming my quilt blocks for the quilt,

               my hand slipped just a bit too close to the edge of the ruler and, 
                              OUCH!  ...a little slice of the side of my index finger...
                                                               G  O  N E!

Needless to say, I have kept my finger bandaged this week ... and have not done any more cutting, YET.  I will get back on the "rotary cutter horse" and do it again!!  I'm thinking a pair of close fitting rubber garden gloves -- not used for gardening yet, of course -- will be a good deterrent from this happening again!

I have had fun, though beginning to lay out the design.  It is exciting to see a quilt take form!
The top is on the side in the pictures -- but you get the point either way!


  1. Oh, this is just sooooo pretty! I love it, and I'm so happy that you just had a "wake-up" injury and nothing too serious! I hope it happened far away from the white fabrics, too!

    1. Thanks, Amy. Fortunately, the fabric stayed clear!