Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A BIG bag!

How about this for a big bag?
 This thing is really BIG.  I think I will be able to fit all my groceries for the week in it!  As usual, I made a few adjustments to the pattern.  Adjustments made for the most part due to not having certain things on hand, and -- yes -- once again waiting until the last minute to start.
 Sadly, my last minute this time was not soon enough for entering my bag in the give-away drawing.  I DID finish it, though, and it's ready to go. Ok -- the changes.   I did not have cotton straps with which to make the handles, so I used a cotton fabric instead.  For the body of the bag I used a painter's drip cloth --unused! (Hmmm...a used paint drip cloth would make an interesting bag!)  I also did not line the bag with laminate fabric or a plastic table cloth as suggested.
I will use it, and see what I think about the size.  I'm still not sure... :)

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