Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Work in Progress Completed!

There are several Work in Progress (WIP) projects in my sewing room, and this evening I am happy to say there is one less!  The messenger bag started a month ago was completed today.

This morning the project looked like this...

...and by this afternoon -- A Messenger Bag!

The bag above is the second messenger bag I've made.  The first one was made as part of the Zakka Sew-along, and looked like this...
Messenger Bag #1

For Bag #2 I found a gray linen fabric at my local thrift store.  The linen was quite thin so I fused it to a heavy-duty fabric to give it body.  For the lining and front design I paired it with a fun print from a line called Everything But The Kitchen Sink, by RJR Fabrics.  I chose a hexi design rather than the leaves for this one, and really like how it came out.
The side view

The back -- I split the back pocket on this one.  On the first bag I felt it was too much of an open pocket.  This seems to work much better.  

Colorful inside!
Yep!  I blurred the edges so you could not see the dust on the mirror!  :)   After all -- when sewing, who has time to dust?


  1. lovely bag! The part about having too much sewing to do to have time to dust made me laugh out loud! I can identify!

  2. Love your messenger bag with the hexies!! The gray fabric turned out so pretty with your color accents!!