Thursday, March 7, 2013

Work in Progress Day

Yesterday a beautiful snow graced my day.  This was a delight to me because, as you know if you read this, I love a Snow-Sew Day!  It was also a WIP (Work in Progress) day.  I have several sewing projects started, and worked on a few of them yesterday.
Do they call this Sewing ADHD?
The first little project was to make a Bunny Treat Bag, featured here.  This was a quick project and turned out cute.  The ears are the only clue that it's a bunny, but I think in a basket at Easter,  there would be little confusion.
I cut into my Riley Blake Summer Song collection for this project.

A cute little bag, filled with treats!
My next project is about one third completed.  It is a mini pinwheel quilt.  I decided to use the Summer Song fabric collection for this project as well.  I imagine the finished project on the dining room table with a vase of beautiful spring flowers in the center.  The tutorial for this project was found here.

This project was not on my list yesterday, however, I'm enjoying the progress I see each step I complete. It will be a messenger bag, started several days ago.  I'm loving the hexagons on the front flap.  Today may just be the day to continue on this one!

This is just a little peek into my sewing room.  What are your works in progress?  Baking -- sewing --lesson planning -- writing a book -- making cards -- or just trying to keep a step ahead of your kids???


  1. Trying to finish Elianna's Easter dress, and if I get it done, sew myself one too.

  2. Oh, fun! Knowing you, I'm sure you will get both of the finished!