Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cindy Apron and a Giveaway

 Four years ago my sister died of breast cancer, and while I think of Cindy often, this time of year I do a lot of remembering -- an always present smile; creating goofy "commercials" with Dippity-Doo in front of the big bathroom mirror as kids; laughing; singing duets together; meeting half-way between our homes for shopping;  creating tasty vegetarian meals; more laughing; and always loving and caring for those around her.  For the past several years, I've created a "Cindy Apron" to give away as an act of  remembering my sister, Cindy.  See this post for the first apron, this one for the second, and this one as the "special edition" Cindy Apron!  This year, I am making two -- the one pictured here, which will be given to someone randomly chosen, and another one given to a randomly chosen family member.  That means 2 apron give-aways!   For the family one I will make the design of your choice and color of your choice.  Check out the links above to let me know which style you like.  The one pictured will be for the public give-away.  So, let the fun begin.  All you need to do -- family, this goes for you, too! -- is leave a comment on this blog page.  I will leave the give-away open for one week.

Gerber Daisy design.

The apron ties around the neck for adjustable length, and at waist.
Remembering Cindy, with love.


  1. Cary it is simple a yet so beautiful...very much like Cindy!!! ;)

  2. What a wonderful way to honor your sister and keep the happy memories!

  3. I love that you are doing this! Much love to you.

  4. what a wonderful way to remember your sister. I love these designs.

  5. Okay, so I know this too late but I finally figured out a way to use a different browser so I can comment on your blog. I discovered yesterday that adjustable neck and waist strings double an adult apron for a child's size. Like--32, 7, 5 or 4 years old! =)

    As always..I love (and am inspired by) your creativity!

  6. Thanks, Grace. Today is when I'm closing it, so you are just in time! :) I'll be choosing a winner in the morning.