Sunday, February 3, 2013

Across the Pond Sew-along - February

The Across the Pond sew-along project for February was announced by Amy of Amy Made That!  This month's project is anything with hearts!  I was thinking hearts would be a part of the project, and got busy right away.  While I took our live Christmas tree down after New Years, I still have a "stand" of three small trees in the dining room.  The glow from the light is so pretty on these winter nights.  I decided if I was going to keep these trees up through February, I might as well add some hearts!  I started by making a few felt hearts.

Then I saw an idea for a heart similar to this on someone's blog (...I should have pinned it, because I can't find it again to give credit!).  The project I saw used paper hearts and beads.  I had some pink fabric left from my fabric rose project, and decided to give it a try with fabric and buttons.

I need to work on my photography skills!  :)

To make the hearts, begin by pressing the rough side of an iron-on adhesive to the wrong side of your first fabric.
After pressing, remove the protective paper. 

Press the wrong sides together of both fabrics to bond together.

Tie a button or bead to the bottom thread, and put a knot in the
top thread to form a "hanging" loop.
Press the heart sides open to form the 3D effect.

Cut three hearts, and sew a line of stitching down the center, leaving long threads on the top and bottom.  


  1. I {heart} the idea of having a Christmas tree filled with hearts to decorate for February...nicely done!

  2. They look lovely in fabric Cary and will make your stand of trees very seasonal. We are always somewhat sad to pack away our tree, it would be all the more difficult if it were winter. Pleased to hear you are still enjoying yours!