Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Across the Pond Sew-along

January seemed like the right time for me to join in on a new sew-along.  Several friends that I "met" through the Zakka sew-along started one called Across the Pond.  You can check out each of these links to read about. If you are inspired by beautiful sewing projects, you will enjoy each of these sites!  Across the Pond sew-along features a monthly project, which is then blogged about and/or posted at Flickr.  Check out the Across the Pond Flickr photo pool here. 

Introducing my addition to this month's project -- or should I say flock!
Bird pincushion designed by Joel Dewberry.

My birds seeing how they look with the "originals!"
The birds were a quick and easy sewing project.   I'm already looking forward to next month's project.


  1. Aw, your birds are so pretty! Love the feathery prints you selected. They really work for birdies, and the details are so sweet! I'm curious to know what that book is, with the "originals"...looks like more fun patterns would live in there.

  2. Thanks, Amy! The book I have is Sewn Spaces by Joel Dewberry. The pattern for the birds is in this book along with a lot of other great and varied projects. I've made three other projects from the book. They can be found:

    Now I can add the birds to that list!