Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the 5th day before Christmas...

... Christmas break begins!  The day started with rising early enough to make a Cinnamon Bun Cake to take for an early staff breakfast at school.   Check out the Mennonite Girls Can Cook website for the recipe. It is delicious!  Besides the class parties, whole-school sing-along and sharing of gifts, we got a bit of reading in as well.  I was actually surprised when one of my students came to my room and asked if he could read his list of 100 sight words!  Early dismissal time came with children clutching their bags of goodies, ready to experience Christmas.  I felt about as excited as the kids.  With a few batches of cookies to make, a house to clean,  sewing projects to finish up, grocery shopping to do and gifts to wrap, it's time to go "full-steam ahead!"  I love this time of year.  As each task if completed, I get closer to the time of resting, reflecting and enjoying the warmth of visiting together with friends and family.

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