Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Christmas sewing...

As I sit here ready to share another Christmas project, I'm thinking about the "blog year" ahead.  Writing this blog has really been a way for me to journal my creative projects, and hopefully to encourage someone out there to be creative in whatever way they can.  Several years ago, at the funeral of a friend who was an accomplished quilter, her daughter-in-law told me that for years her mother-in-law had kept a log of all the quilts she had completed.  I don't remember what that number was, but I was impressed.  I started keeping a similar log of projects completed.  It has been fun to look back and be able to see evidence of having engaged in creative endeavors!  In 2011 I completed 44 projects.  In 2012 the number of completed projects went up to 62!  What will 2013 bring?

Enough about that...and on to the horse lap quilt!
The pieced front, using the Zakka Block Quilt design by Leslie Good, from the book,  Zakka Style.

The recipient of this quilt loves horses and blue!  I had wanted to do a long stitch by hand, but ran out of time.  Instead I used a basic stitch by machine.

Sewing on the binding.  
Once the binding is stitched to the front, burn it and hand stitch with a blind stitch.

The finished front.

The pieced back ... or maybe this is the front?? :)

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