Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A new lunch bag

I've been wanting to sew a new lunch bag for some time now, and wanted to use a laminated fabric.  A week ago I stopped in at a fabric store and found an iron-on laminating product.  I didn't have a pattern that I really liked, so decided to just "wing it" and try a combination of ideas.  Here is the end product.
I cut 2 11 x 12 pieces of outside and liner fabric, then followed the product instructions for ironing.

It worked great!  Ready now to sew.

I wanted a zipper on this one sew stitched each zipper side to a front and back.  

Stitch right sides together using a zipper foot.  

Do this for both sides.

When you zip the zipper together...

You will have the front on one side,

and the lining on the other.  The zipper was too long, but that actually made it easier to sew in.

Just stitch several times on the end, and cut at the edge of the fabric.

Top stitch along the zipper edge.

Then WITH ZIPPER OPEN part way, pin right sides together matching right sides together of outside and right sides together of lining.  

Sew along outer edges, leaving about a 4 inch opening at bottom lining to turn right side out.

Box each corner.  I measured about 2 inches from the point.

Turn the bag right side out and ... here it is.  Oh yes, you do need to stitch the opening at the bottom of lining (I use my machine to sew a narrow edge to close the opening.)  I also had an old belt I cut to make a handle.  I sewed this on after the bag was finished, attaching it along the top seam.

The plastic was a bit "wrinkly" when I turned it, but I "pressed" it carefully making sure to use the protective paper covering the plastic when pressing.  This helped a bit.

My Bento box fits perfectly!

My new lunch box!

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