Monday, October 24, 2011

Shooing a cold out the door!

I've had a cold virus, including all the "frills" -- fever, achy body, coughing, and tiredness.  Fortunately, each day is getting better, and I'm "shooing" this thing out the door ... and posting a sign that "reads" -- COLD NOT WELCOME HERE!  Ah well, we all go through this.  Last week I had been saying to Mystery Man (that would be my husband!) that a day off to do some sewing would be great.  I did end up being home from school for two days, but no energy whatsoever could be found for sewing!  Mom, I did play Scrabble your style -- one person for both moves!  I didn't get very far, but it entertained me for a few moves.  I also managed to read a little of The Help -- really enjoying the book!  Now in case you think I have spelled quean wrong -- go take a look in the dictionary.  Today I was back to work and enjoyed being there.  Being sick renews a thankful spirit!

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