Monday, August 15, 2011


It's been a whole year (August 11, 2010) since I started blogging about my sewing adventures.  To celebrate that, the motivation it has given me to keep creating, and the friends I have met, I am doing my first-ever GIVEAWAY!  I remember how excited I was during my first months of blogging to win 3 giveaways.  Wow!  Having a blog must make a difference, I thought. I'm not so sure about that now as I've not won any since, but... It is always fun to see what others are offering.  This weekend I tried another project from Joel Dewberry's book, Sewn Spaces.  His pattern for reversible fabric boxes was quite easy to sew together.  The one I made and am showing below will be going to my daughter-in-law -- because she liked the fabric, and because she is so special :)  -- but, I will make another one to give to one of my readers.  You will find a picture with three fabric choices.  To enter this giveaway please leave a comment below telling me which fabric choice you would like, and what you might use your box for.   I will randomly choose a number on Sunday evening, and will post the winner!  I learned a few things making this first one -- I need to add a thicker interfacing or batting to make the sides stand up a bit more.  Actually, I guess that's the only change I would make.  It sewed together very easily, and makes a nice reversible box.
Side 1

Side 2 -- the pretty side!

The box!

The empty box.  Hmmm... what could go in this box?

 small sized photo albums...

favorite DVDs...

washcloths for the bathroom...

How about a casserole?  

Here are the 3 choices -- #1(Daisy Chain) and #2 (Midwest Modern) feature prints by Amy Butler, and #3 fabrics are "Mama's Cottons 2" by ConnectingThreads.
I'm linking this project to Sumo's Sweet Stuff.  Check out all the great things people are making.


  1. Oooohhh...Pic me, Mrs. Schulte!!! I would love to have one of these. I choose Number 3. I'm thinking I might use it in my office to hold CDs/DVDs.

  2. Loretta Ennis said...
    I would love a box from you Cary. I would choose #1 because I love blue and green. I would keep it on my desk at work to store warm fuzzies in. Sometimes we recieve a card or email that gives a compliment for a job well done, etc. and I could keep them in my box and pull one out to read when I need a boost. Of course just seeing it and knowing it came from you would make me smile.

  3. Yay! Surprise for me, the daughter-in-law :) Thanks Mom, it looks good!

  4. Just testing... someone told me they were having difficulty posting a comment...

  5. It's a very difficult decision! All are pretty...hmm I would choose #3. Thanks for the opportunity of win.

  6. I would choose fabric #3 and could see a cute little box sitting on my dresser holding my lotions and other "Mommy things" that my little girls are allowed to eye but not touch. You are such a creative lady! I am so encouraged to watch you develop a skill from the past. From a niece that learned anything she knows on a sewing machine from you.... it gives me hope... =)

  7. So much fun! I would choose fabric #3! I would use it in our beautiful blue and yellow condo in Rockport in the kitchen with different teas in boxes or dish towels.

  8. I would choose 2 but any would be great! Would use it for CD's in my sewing and computer room.

  9. oh, I could certainly use a pretty box to hold fat quarters!
    and I'm loving the print in option #1!

    thank you!

  10. I am new reader to your blog and was excited to enter the contest. I love to win contests! Although I usually like things that are made in a factory, I think your fabric box is nice. In China most things are made in factory. I hope I win! I like option # 3 best!

    Thanks to you.

    K. M.