Friday, June 17, 2011

First days of summer break

It happens every year!  I wander around the house, going from this to that, accomplishing a few things, but not really settling into any one task.  Is it Adult ADHD or the beginning of summer break?  Most likely, both!  Summer break started a week ago, but today ends my week "off" before summer school begins.  Summer for me always begins with a little anxious, "I don't know what to do with myself" feeling.  Every year, though, things settle into a routine -- mornings teaching summer school; afternoons filled with home chores and fun.  I may still "wander" around the house -- but I'll be at peace with being able to enjoy the moment to think, ponder, and pray as I work in the gardens, do some sewing, cook a meal, clean those closets!, or talk with a neighbor over the fence.  A few of my "wanderings" from yesterday...
Enjoying a lovely breeze while quilting on the porch. 

Watering the flowers.

More flowers ... I see a porch in great need of cleaning.  That will be another day!

Ah, yes, a cup of coffee.  And... the signs of quilting -- pins, a thimble, glasses, and the ever present pile of threads!
Have a great Friday -- full of happy "wanderings!"

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