Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!" I love this time of year -- the pondering of so many things and people to be thankful for. Right on the tail of this act of thankfulness comes the anticipation of celebrating the joy and gift of the birth of Christ. On Wednesday I am taking a personal day off of work in order to bake, and clean house in preparation for our annual hosting of the family Thanksgiving dessert buffet. This year I'm making pecan pie (recipe found on The Pioneer Woman website), the traditional Sour Cream Lemon pie, pumpkin pie, and Pumpkin Cranberry Upside-down cake served with devonshire cream. Mmmm.... I must say I had not made this recipe of the pecan pie before, and did a trial run on Sunday for a carry-in meal at church. Oh my ... it is the BEST ever. If you like pecan pie, give this one a try -- It's called "The Pie That Will Make You Cry"!

On a crafty note ... I've moved my sewing area to make it more convenient, and am so pleased with my little sewing nook. I found a great little sewing table at our local thrift store. It's just the right size for the "breakfast nook" (never used as a breakfast nook!). A few months ago I saw an idea at The Painted Quilt for a pin cushion made from felted wool. I found some wool sweaters (also at the thrift store) and threw them in the wash to shrink it down into a workable felt. It came out great, and I used some of the wool to make this BIG pin cushion. I'm on a roll with some Christmas gifts now. Pictures will be posted later.

Well, off to other things. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


  1. Hey Cary! Just popped over to say G'day and thanks for popping in to my blog for a visit as part of the "Simply Christmas" fun. Your name will go in the prize draw, so stay tuned next week! :0) Oh ... and I LOVE your sewing table! I have sewing-table-envy! :0) My poor sewing room is so crammed with 'extra' furniture that has no practical storage and your table looks like what I's like to exchange my desk for to gain a bit of room back - enjoy creating in your nook! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Thanks, Kris! You're popping over from a far distance! :) I hope you find just the right table for your sewing room. It's amazing how easy it is to get to the sewing when you enjoy the surroundings! :)