Friday, August 20, 2010


In four short days, life at the elementary school I teach at will come alive with the faces and voices of excited children. This week has been full of preparation ... setting up the room, meetings, posters up, new supplies out, lesson planning (well--I have a bit of THAT to do yet before I'm ready!)... One of the things I love about summer break is that I don't have to think about making a lunch in the morning. On school mornings I'm sometimes on my way out the door and think ... "Oh, lunch! What can I take today?" It's a race back to the fridge, grab some leftovers from the night before, stick it in a plastic grocery bag, and continue on my way. Last year I decided a plastic grocery bag just was not classy enough to stand up to some of the lovely lunch bags my fellow teachers carried -- the purple Tupperware lunch set, or the fuzzy plaid lunch bag, to name a few. Nope -- plastic bag tied in a knot would no longer cut it. So I used a pattern found on called Lunch Sack Gift Bags, and created my own pretty bag to use for my lunch. It was super easy to make! Tuesday morning I'll head out the door with lunch bag in hand, ready to begin a new year of teaching and inspiring a wonderful group of children.

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