Sunday, September 16, 2012

The LAST Zakka Sew-along entry!

Has it really been 24 weeks of Zakka sewing?  I'm actually amazed that I've made every project -- well...the first one in the book is just about finished.  The sew-along project was to make a project from the book a week.  I managed to make twenty-two of them within the weekly deadline for entering at LRStitched; one of them was completed several weeks late (the zig-zag bag), and the very first project in the book is just about finished!  It has been great fun!

Now -- for the last project -- a set of nesting fabric boxes.  I waited until the last minute to get started on mine, and then today woke up sick.  Therefore... my nesting boxes are at this point A BOX.  I love how it turned out, so will likely finish off the two larger ones when I'm feeling better.  I decided to go with the blue fabrics again to keep that nautical look going.

I did not add the quilting embellishments suggested in the book, but decided to ...

keep it simple!

The bottom is hand-sewn onto the side pieces.  I enjoy hand sewing and enjoyed the process.

For the inside I used a pre-quilted fabric.  This, along with the suggested batting really helps the box sides to keep their shape.

Perfect for holding a few other Zakka projects!
  Here is the ALMOST finished project #1 -- the house clutch.  All I need to do is add the lining and zipper.

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  1. Feel better soon! So glad to have met you via this sew along, and I'll be watching to see what else you are making.