Thursday, May 5, 2011


by: Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)
       THINK that I shall never see
      A poem lovely as a tree.
      A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
      Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
      A tree that looks at God all day,
      And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
      A tree that may in Summer wear
      A nest of robins in her hair;
      Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
      Who intimately lives with rain.
      Poems are made by fools like me,
      But only God can make a tree.

"Trees" was originally published in Trees and Other Poems. Joyce Kilmer. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1914.
I've always liked this poem -- just as I've always liked trees!  We had a big, beautiful, old tree in our front yard -- one that has probably been growing for 80 - 90 years.  We had hoped to have it trimmed (as it was running into the wires by the road), but received the sad news from the "tree man" that they tree was rotting.  His advice to us was to take it down.  Today was the day!   This morning I left for work with a little feeling of sadness, knowing I would not see my tree at the end of the day.  Growing up we had special trees.  One, in the back yard, was called "The Family Tree."  We all (my 6 siblings and I), climbed this tree, used it for tag base, and sat under it's leafy branches.  Then there was the huge tree right next to the church -- I don't remember if we had a name for that one, but it, too, was a favorite.  It dropped so many leaves in the fall, that we were able to rake a tall pile of leaves, climb up the tree, and jump into the pile!  What fun.  I enjoyed trees so much that on my 16th birthday, I told my Dad all I wanted for my birthday was for him to make me a wood art picture of a tree.  I must have been in that ...I'm trying out being mature stage and not ask for everything under the sun! I did get that tree wood art (see picture below), AND I'm sure to my delight, a new wrist watch! :)  

Back to our tree -- I almost dreaded driving up to the house.  Sure enough, the tree was gone.  But I could see the house and even started to imagine the possibility of a pretty white fence with flowers blooming, and of course, a new tree planted -- perhaps a beautiful flowering tree.  So with this loss, comes new possibilities!  

The tree!


  1. Oh my goodness! Don't think I've ever seen a full shot of your house like that. Love it! Can I come stay a month?!

  2. Cary -- Come on over anytime!! ;)

  3. Yes, I can imagine a white fence and brightly coloured flowers. We lost a huge tree and several smaller ones from our backyard a couple of years ago. It makes you feel so exposed at first but then we began to enjoy the change and could also plant the area which had been too shady before.

    Cary, you are what's called a "no-reply" blogger. I had never heard this term until recently and have since changed my profile and added a new address for my blog identity. You can read about it here

    It so easy to send/return personal comments if you have an email address attached to your profile. :)